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secondhand k-fashion from The Machine
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Please leave all positive (+), neutral (~), or negative (-), feedback here (with your rating in the subject line) and any other comments concerning your order.
Make sure that you have fully read all my RULES and FAQ first before contacting me or preceding with the order. If there is anything that I haven't covered here, then feel free to email me for inquires or post directly in the FAQ.

When you are ready to order, email me at redstarpinkstar@gmail.com with the below order form:

livejournal ID:
real name:
method of payment:
item code(s):

*Location is not confirmation, it's just to give me the means to roughly calculate your shipping costs.
I compiled a short FAQ, and will add to it when people ask questions that might help out others as well. It's not long, but it helps to explain some extra things not in my rules that you might be wondering about.

Q1 - I live in Ottawa, do you do meetups?
A - First off - wow, a kpop/k-fashion person that lives here too? Why didn't we meet up sooner?! I'll be glad to do meetups. It's best for me to do it around public transit stations. Preference for St. Laurent because I live closest to there, but I will also go to Hurdman, Rideau Center, and Blair (or any stops between those) since I have to bus out there most likely.

Q2 - How did you price your items?
A - I've priced my items fairly according to quality, times worn/washed, etc. I had to order these off online shopping malls in Korea which are usually a bit pricier than average, and EMS is expensive, plus wiring the money comes with a fee from my bank. I wash all my clothes in a cold wash on delicate cycle inside out and hang to dry, insuring no nubby bits forming or clothes stretching out of shape. My pics are proof of quality. In the end you're getting a really good deal, I promise you!

Q3 - Do you do combined shipping?
A - Yes I do! I'll provide you with several options once i weigh your items and calculate the shipping prices :)

Q4 - Speaking of shipping, how much will it be?
A - If you're one of my friends you've probably heard me raging about Canada Post's crazy shipping prices. As it stands this is the best I can bring it down to:
Photobucket Tanktops and light shirts should be around $1-2 to Canada and $3-$4 to the US.
Photobucket Light accessories should come to around $1 to Canada and $1-$2 to the US.
Photobucket Heavier shirts and sweaters should come to around $3-$8+ to Canada and $6-$9 to the US.
Keep in mind that shipping prices will be different depending on whether you prefer faster shipping options or insurance up to CAD $100 (US - International only unless Canadians want to pay $$$ for Registered Mail/Parcel).

Q5 - Why are you selling your clothes if they're in such good condition?
A - It's pretty simple. I've just had a big change of style. And secondly, I'm in a pretty sticky financial situation at the moment. So this is a good way to clear out clothes and accessories I no longer wish to wear while making a bit of money back :)

Q6 - Do you do trades?
A - At the moment, I will say no. I really need the money right now so it's best to simply sell my clothes. However, I will make an extreme exception if your stuff is also in good shape, very dark/neutral colours (greys, charcoals, and black preferred), and from a style to be found at trendy vintage places, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Aritzia, etc. Thing is, these items usually retail for more than mine did, so you'd have to use your own discretion if you really want to trade.

Q7 - Since you ordered from these shops, is there any way you could do a personal order for me?
A - At the moment, I can't because I don't have a bank account that doesn't charge exorbitant fees to wire money internationally. I'm in the process of getting one though, so stay tuned and I'll update when I can! I can, however, do a credit card service, email me at redstarpinkstar@gmail.com for more info.

Anything else not answered anywhere in the comm is a green light to post here or email me as well :D

If you're ready to purchase, go to the ORDER page!
04.17.12 - 규칙 | RULES
Please read all my rules carefully, because I won't be a happy camper if you break them! If you have any questions, please post them directly in this entry, thanks!


Photobucket Serious buyers only.
Photobucket All sales are final.
Photobucket Prices do not include shipping. I'll provide you with various shipping options when you inquire or confirm.
Photobucket I accept PayPal (no fees!), Concealed Cash (bills only at your own risk), and Bank Deposit (convenient for those with TD Canada Trust).
Photobucket I do combined shipping if you order more than one item.
Photobucket No longer doing reserves after the 8th. First confirm first serve.
Photobucket PayPal must be received in three days after confirmation or items will go back up for sale. Concealed Cash must be received within 2 weeks or item goes back up for sale.
Photobucket Always use the order form when interested in an item. Questions are fine to post without.
Photobucket Confirmation happens when we exchange addresses. Please do not confirm if you are not 100% set on buying.
Photobucket I ship internationally.
Photobucket All prices are in USD.
Photobucket I will only model for items without one upon request (serious inquiries only please).
Photobucket Not responsible for lost/stolen/damaged mail.
Photobucket Proof of postage will be provided.
Photobucket Extra pictures and measurements provided at request.
Photobucket Do not PM me an order or post an order in the comments. All orders must be emailed.
Photobucket No profit is being made from shipping and I don't charge handling fees. I've decided to round down to the lowest dollar on shipping, to give you the lowest fees possible :)

I can get to the post office every 1-2 days after receiving payment, so your items will arrive as soon as possible.

*Please note this shop is also active on Soompi so if you are interested best to post asap because items are comfirming and selling fast.

Ready to order? Please have a look at my FAQ beforehand!
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